Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thing 1

To start off your cpd23 blogging write a post about why you're taking part in the course. You could talk about where your career is now and where you'd like it to go, what you're hoping to learn from cpd23, which of the Things you're most (or least) looking forward to, how you feel about being a new blogger or how you'd like to improve your blogging, or anything else that relates to why you're doing this!

I finished my MLIS in 2007 at San Jose State University (in San Jose, CA) and have worked in libraries since 2000. I have worked in public and academic libraries, almost always on the public service end, with a brief turn as a book and media cataloger.

I recently began a job as a Project Manager for a digitization grant at a science museum and research organization. This is new ground for me as it is my first real job at a special library (other than an internship), it is completely back end with no reference or instruction, and it is working with archival materials.

My new job is very exciting and has been a great experience. However, since it is a three year grant funded position I am concerned with how my skills will transfer when my position ends. I am hoping that CPD23 will help me keep aware of the larger library world as well as options are museum libraries. I would also like to use Web 2.0 applications to market myself professionally, as I have primarily used them for my personal life.